Air Handling Units (AHU)

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Air Handling Unit, or the AHU for short, is a very important part of your office or home because it pretty much controls all the air flow in the building. It circulates the air that comes from the air conditioning system, the heating system, and the overall ventilation system. So you can imagine how important this machine is if you want to have clean air.

Of course, a machine this important must be made with only a top quality design so that it can distribute the air around your building the right way. That’s exactly what we’re here for. We at Termika HVAC provide high-quality designs for both commercial and residential AHU’s in Kosovo so that you don’t only have high-grade designs for your machines but very cost efficient ones as well.

The reason why we can boast about our services is because of our extremely thorough process. When we handle projects, we make sure we come up with the best designs and with the most detailed documentation to boot.

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