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Buildings located in areas where cold weather is continuously present may need additional infrastructure support to maintain interior temperatures. There are a variety of ways to do this. One way is to design a heat recovery system that will help maintain the interior temperature of the structure. This heat recovery system will support the existing heating equipment not replace it.  Our engineers will be able to review your existing building or plans and help you determine the type of heat recovery system you will need to achieve your project goals. knowing these goals ahead of time will streamline the heat recovery system design process.

A heat recovery system is considered to be one of the best ways to maintain Energy Efficiency without sacrificing interior temperatures. they are designed to deliver rewarmed outdoor air into the space. This creates an environment that is easier for the main heating system to heat the inside air.  Because the main heating system is reliant on the temperature of the air within the structure, extremely cold air in the structure can make it difficult for the heating system to complete its run function. Replacing extremely cold air with pre-warmed air shortens the time the heater needs to run in order to raise the temperature in the space.

Not only do heat recovery systems help reduce the run time of the main heating system, they can also help lower the amount of condensation and moisture in the interior air of a structure. This is especially important in places where moisture causes mold, mildew, and bad air quality for occupants. Including a Heat recovery system in your building design, will ensure the end users are able to enjoy the structure mostly moisture free. Being able to remove the moisture in the air offers a better occupant experience. it also prevents physical asset damage to things like furniture, electronics, and other high-end fixtures in the structure.

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